Things to Consider on the Economic Impact of High-End Structures due to Office Distress.

Commercial Lending will likely have several effects if the distress in Office occupancy continues, but it can be an opportunity for several commercial property owners. Here are some of the several solutions that we might consider:

1. Office demand will likely decrease due to changing work culture, higher interest rates, and a possible economic turndown. The property will lower its value, which investors can take advantage of and can reposition the property on a more work-friendly basis.

A hard money lender can help you to evaluate the property and secure your finances to make the property more work-friendly to attract tenants.

2. It could also lead to lower income for the landlord if older high-end offices are no longer in demand. Tenants are seeking a more environmentally friendly space with natural light and with amenities.

It’s best to consider discussing it with a commercial lender to obtain your finance to upgrade your property with more amenities like adding a spa, gym, and restaurants.

3. If the office market is distressed due to economic turndown, investors may explore other markets that have less impact with the turndown, and consider repositioning your property based on the market needs. A commercial lender can help you to secure to finance the commercial property and reposition it on the market needs.

4. If the office market is distressed due to technology. Investors may consider investing in properties with high-end technology infrastructure such as advanced security systems, high-speed internet, or other technological amenities to attract tenants.

Co-partnerships with technology companies are also good ideas to offer innovative services.

Overall, Older luxury properties need help to compete with the recent towers in the area. A Hard Money lender specializing in commercial lending with more flexible terms, will allow you to upgrade your property to compete with other towers in your area and attract more tenants.

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