Refinancing Real Estate Loans in a Rising Rate Environment


Refinancing Real Estate Loans in a Rising Rate

2023-09-22 10:11:01

About Rising Interest Rates:

Interest Rates are a fundamental tool in the commercial real estate market, which affects borrowing rates and impacts commercial real estate loans. In a rising rate environment, commercial real estate investors need to evaluate if refinancing will lead to long-term savings and improved financial performance.

Considerations for Refinancing Commercial Real Estate Loans in a Rising Rate Environment:

Current Interest Rate – On commercial real estate loans, It’s crucial to compare the existing interest rates and current rates. Even in a rising rate environment, there might be opportunities to secure a lower rate which depends on the market. Which can seize the opportunity on your commercial real estate.

Loan Term – Commercial Real Estate loans have flexible payment terms which depend on the period of time, some commercial real estate investors are considering refinancing to extend the loan term and lower monthly payments. While this is short-term it’s important to discuss it with a private lender that specializes in commercial lending about loan terms and how refinancing helps short-term and long-term financial goals.

Break-Even Point – Break-even point calculation is crucial. This is the point wherein the savings from a lower interest rate offset the costs associated with refinancing such as closing costs. In a rising environment, where rates might increase, a longer break-even period could affect the cost-effectiveness of refinancing. Discussing it with a private lender that specializes in commercial lending could help you to give advice on what to do on a break-even point.

Refinancing commercial real estate loans in a rising rate environment needs a crucial evaluation, with the rising interest rates it has challenges but it can be an opportunity for savvy commercial real estate investors to maximize their commercial real estate properties. Consulting a private lender specializing in commercial loans can help you with the strategies for refinancing Commercial Real estate loans in a rising rate environment.

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