Hard Money Loans on Distressed Commercial Real Estate

Here is Hard Money can help distressed commercial real estate scenarios:

1. Quick Financing – Hard Money Loans can obtain financing quickly, usually in days or weeks. Which can be crucial in time-sensitive transactions such as foreclosure auctions, or commercial property acquisitions.

2. Flexible Lending Criteria – Hard Money Lenders has more flexible lending criteria since they evaluate more on the value of the property, and the potential of gaining returns.

3. Purchase of Distressed Properties – CRE investors are interested in distressed properties, such as foreclosures which they can acquire the property. With Hard Money Loans it enables them to purchase the property and improve its market value.

4. Bridge Financing – Hard Money Loans can act as bridge financing, investors can seek long-term financing once the commercial property is established.

5. Auction Purchases – Hard Money Lenders can provide the necessary funds to investors participating in commercial property auctions.

6. Exit Strategy Flexibility – Hard Money Loans are short-term in nature, which offers flexibility in terms of exit strategies that allow borrowers to sell their commercial property quickly or refinance with conventional financing once it improves the commercial property.

A Hard Money Loan is a financing tool that provides financing when during distressed solutions with their fast approval and flexibility, you save the commercial property and improve its value

It’s always best to discuss with a Hard Money Lender to know all the risks and consider it a part of the investment strategy for distressed commercial real estate.

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