Hard Money Mobile Closed a $1.5 Million Deal in North Carolina

Hard Money Mobile, LLC is giving a construction loan to good-hearted long-time area coach Thurston Jackie “T.J.” Robinson and his wife Charlotte Robinson – two hard-working people with a can-do attitude and a career track record of business and professional successes who are now giving back to the community.

They are taking on a massive project to give at-risk teens a place to play basketball and reach the heights of the NCAA and beyond. The efforts to build the T.J. Robinson Life Center is spearheaded by Charlotte, who envisions a center that would attract out-of-town basketball, soccer, and volleyball tournaments, boosting the local economy.

Hard Money Mobile is committed to helping the community in valued projects that help lay the road for a better future.

A broker’s fee of $30,000 was paid at closing.

17th November, 2020

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6th September, 2020

Hard Money Mobile Announces Elliot Auerbacher, Chief Executive Officer